Thursday, March 20, 2008

Shhh, it's a secret III

The Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission is meeting behind closed doors to pick its next director. The taxpayer-funded regional planning commission does not have a formal and open selection process.

Obviously allowing the public to have any input into the selection would mean *gasp* it might actually become the subject of debate, controversy and even {shudder} politics.

Responding to criticism that the commission had not had a formal search process for a new director, Evenson said the commission is not required to conduct a public search. He said the agency hires young professionals and grooms them for advancement.

"We have a culture that attempts very hard to grow our own talent," he said.

And it'll remain an insular little group, only with diminished credibility. It would never occur to SWRPC that opening this process up to public involvement may actually encourage public buy-in and understanding of its recommendations.

Jim Rowen has actually been out in front on this. He suggests the public should respond,

"We don't need to send you any more money. You're not a public agency, so go raise your own budget, since you are deciding without our input how to lead the agency and spend our money."
Sounds right to me.