Thursday, August 25, 2005

Carnival of the Badger, 2nd edition

This week's edition of the Carnival of the Badger proves the cute, furry little creature has some sharp claws and teeth. The trick to taming the badger is to apparently keep him well-supplied with food and drink. So read along as we introduce you to some of the more interesting blog postings of the Badger state.

Let's start with a sampling of the local product of choice from While Drinking, I... who visits Miller's 150th Birthday Party. Interesting crowd. I'm with you on taking it to 11.

Meanwhile, Paul Brewer of The Public Brewery caught the full moon over Irish Fest on Milwaukee's lakefront. Mashed potatoes in a cone? You thought I was fat before...

Paul at The Electric Commentary knows what he's doing at the grill with his beer products and his bratwurst. It's not too late this summer to get it right.

On the flip side of the ledger, Bill Christofferson of Xoff Files looks at our choices for entertainment in Milwaukee. Bodeans having loud obnoxious outdoor concert? City fathers say, yes! "Naked Boys Singing?" City fathers say, no way! Maybe it was the lyrics...

Speaking of entertainment options, Mike at Cooler by the Lake would like to check WISN's Mark Belling for ID and license to punditry. He sees Belling's hyperbole on the issue of voter ID requirements to be counter-productive. He raises a larger question about blogs and other media as well.

Hungry now? Planning on a Super George and chili? Check your credit card statements! Brandon at GOP3: The Triumvirate breaks the bad news to Marquette students who had the munchies last year. Apparently George Webbs charged extra and often, even when you haven't eaten there for awhile.

Joe Martin of The Theocrats has a What, me worry? attitude on growth and development in Dane County, figuring the market will be the best way to preserve the quality of life for the locals. Leave it to the developers and the home buyers to conduct suburban planning. Now that's faith.

Patrick at Badger Blogger explains the cause and effect of the likely loud finish to picking a fight with a cop. He also wonders at the press coverage and Robert Miranda's statements regarding the recent police shooting of a 17 year old.

Nick, of the World according to Nick, follows with a specific criticism of Eugene Kane's column in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel concerning the 88 (or more) murders in Milwaukeee. Kane misses who the real culprits are for the violence.

Sean Hackbarth of The American Mind reminds us of that queasy feeling when the water filtration plants aren't working properly. He takes us to New York where a certain bacteria has made a raging comeback and then brings us home to remember what it did to us here. Pass the Pepto, please.

Jay Bullock of Folkbum's Rambles and Rants takes us further afield to the deserts of Iraq (stretching our rules a bit), Texas and Russ Feingold. He asks, "Who's really mainstream on Iraq?" His answer, while not my answer, needs answering.

Bill Christofferson, who had a hard time deciding on which blog entry to submit, also weighs in on a different aspect of the War in Iraq - how it's being used at home. Specifically, he takes Wisconsin Right to Life to task for attacking a hospice for following a "living will" in the care and eventual death of Marine staff sergeant Chad Simon from Monona.

I take us on a trip to the City of Pewaukee, where the word "plumber" has reverted to it's 1972 definition.

Finally, Lance Burri, the widest read, most influential, most popular conservative columnist ever to emerge from Greater Metropolitan Baraboo, East side, North of the river, asks the question on the mind of many poll workers in Milwaukee County, Why have registration at all? No, he's not being sarcastic.

I'd like to thank Nick from the World According to Nick for coordinating this new venture and allowing me to host this week. It's been interesting. If you're interested in hosting the Carnival of the Badger, email Nick at schweitn-at-gmail-dot-com. Forgot to add: Next week will be hosted by Lance Burri.

(Also linked at the ubercarnival).