Tuesday, April 21, 2009

West Bend aldermen refuse to confirm library board appointments

West Bend Aldermen voted against confirmation of the re-appointments of the libary board members after their "stonewalling" over keeping sexually graphic material in the library's youth section. The vote against approval was 5-3.

Alderman Vrana began the conversation stating his disappointment in the library board's handling of the issues concerning inappropriate materials in the youth section of the library. He felt that it should have been handled swiftly, and never should have come this far.

Alderman Turner agreed with Vrana and said he felt the citizens of the City of West Bend had been "stonewalled," and the length of time that had passed in trying to resolve this issue was not acceptable. He stated that he felt the citizens should have had the opportunity to meet with the library board long ago.

Alderman Hutchins agreed with Aldermen Turner and Vrana, stating his disappointment with the handling of the issue as well.

You may recall that the sexually explicit material required a warning to parents not to bring their children to hear it discussed at a public hearing.

I'll repeat what I said then.

Here's a clue for librarians and library board members. If you can't discuss the books in front of children, then you shouldn't be making the books available to children.

It appears to be a lesson the West Bend aldermen took to heart.