Thursday, February 23, 2006

Herb Kohl's rally

A bunch of protestors stormed the stage at a Herb Kohl rally. They threatened him with fruitcake* unless he signed onto a demand to withdraw American military forces from Iraq immediately. To his credit, Senator Kohl refused, and then waited for the crowd to chant his name loud enough to force the protestors to leave.

Does it strike anyone as odd that you could find even a room full of people that enthusiastic about the Senator?

Of course, I don't get American Idol, either. I wonder what Simon would say about Senator Kohl's performance on the judiciary committee during the Alito hearings?

"I thought the first question was annoying, really annoying, verging on fingernails going down the blackboard."

Meanwhile, Republican Party of Wisconsin Executive Director Rick Wiley promising a real challenger to Senator Kohl by the end of March. Brad at Island Pundit/Letters in Bottles speculates,

Who will it be? Tim Michels? Tommy Thompson? Mark Neumann?

The rather specific timing Wiley gives makes me wonder if it isn't Tommy and folks are just waiting to utilize the impact of a sudden splash.
Maybe Ed Thompson. Maybe Mike Ellis. Maybe Mary Panzer. Maybe Wiley has no clue and the end of March sounds good. Maybe whomever they sucker into running is going to get hammered like Rotterdam during the blitz in May 1940.

*admittedly gratuitous Susan Engeleiter joke