Friday, July 25, 2008

Look Who's Giving to Big Green

Clean Wisconsin, formerly known as Environmental Decade, is raking in big bucks from charitable foundations to wage war on our future energy supply.

On May 15, 2008, Clean Wisconsin used some of their foundation fortune to stage a protest outside Alliant Energy’s shareholder meeting in Madison. The photo opportunity was complete with an inflatable coal plant and a few busloads of protestors brought in from Iowa.

Meanwhile Governor Doyle’s Global Warming Task Force has endorsed a number of policy changes that will cost consumers millions of dollars and do absolutely nothing to improve the environment or address Wisconsin’s long term energy needs.

Hats off to State Representative Jim Ott for his work to expose the dangerous ideas emanating from the Governor’s ridiculous environmental cabal.

Contributions to Clean Wisconsin, Inc.

Community Shares of Wisconsin 2006 13,929.00
Energy Foundation, CA 2007 65,000.00
Energy Foundation, CA 2007 40,000.00
Energy Foundation, CA 2006 55,000.00
Energy Foundation, CA 2006 34,000.00
Energy Foundation, CA 2006 33,000.00
Energy Foundation, CA 2005 40,000.00
Energy Foundation, CA 2005 30,000.00
Energy Foundation, CA 2004 40,000.00
Joyce Foundation, IL 2007 350,000.00
Joyce Foundation, IL 2006 500,000.00
Joyce Foundation, , IL 2006 100,000.00
Joyce Foundation, IL 2004 202,680.00
Katz Family Foundation, Inc., IN 2005 1,000.00
Lubar Family Foundation, Inc., 2006 200
Lubar Family Foundation, Inc., 2005 200
McKnight Foundation, MN 2007 50,000.00
Miller Foundation, Steve J., 2005 10,000.00
Mott Foundation, Charles Stewart, MI 2007 120,000.00
Mott Foundation, Charles Stewart, MI 2005 120,000.00
Mott Foundation, Charles Stewart, MI 2004 60,000.00

Total 2004-07 $1,865,009.00