Thursday, February 07, 2008

Adios ink-stained progressive hands

Madison is about to be reduced to one liberal newspaper with an occasional leftist insert and a weekly leftwing newsletter. (Ht: Dane101)

Beginning April 30, the news and opinion edition of The Capital Times will be published on Wednesdays. It will be distributed with home-delivered Wisconsin State Journal subscriptions throughout and just beyond Dane County and offered free throughout the Madison area in newspaper racks. It will offer in-depth news and public affairs stories as well as the newspaper's highly regarded opinion and commentary content, Frink said.

The Capital Times will also produce a weekly arts, entertainment and culture section that will be distributed on Thursdays with the Wisconsin State Journal and offered free in newspaper racks in the Madison area. It will replace the current Rhythm publication, which is co-produced with the State Journal and appears in both newspapers.

With its new distribution, The Capital Times will have a circulation of more than 80,000. Current circulation is 17,072. The date of final daily publication is Saturday, April 26. Subscribers of The Capital Times will receive a letter in coming weeks with information about their account.

It was also announced that Paul Fanlund will become editor of The Capital Times, effective immediately, having been executive editor since August 2006. "We believe our plan to combine an outstanding news and information web site with in-depth, magazine-style weekly tabloids is on the mark for the future," Fanlund said. "This move is vital to ensuring the long-term relevance of the Cap Times."
We've been poking a stick in the Cap Times cage about their letters policy. Apparently no wacko letter is beyond publication; they just prefer to keep 'em local locos.

With competition from within, the liberal Wisconsin State Journal, and without, The Isthmus, was there any room left for an afternoon "progressive" daily newspaper?

Update! Brian Fraley takes the blame.