Thursday, January 17, 2008

Cable competition could be deadly

I just wanted to post that headline before Barry Orton. ATT's U-Verse boxes have batteries that go boom.
AT&T first became aware of the battery problem in October 2006, when a cabinet in a suburban Houston neighborhood blew up and tore out a piece of wooden fence from a resident's yard.

About three months later, another cabinet near Houston caught fire. Then there was a cabinet fire near Cleveland, followed by the Wauwatosa explosion.

The lithium-metal polymer batteries, once thought to be safe, are suspected of causing the fires and explosions. If they leak, the batteries can produce flammable gases.

"There's a noticeable fire before the explosion," Hevey said.
All I'm saying, the one servicing my house better not go boom during the Packer game this Sunday or they will be dealing with a very angry Irish redhead.

(Ht: Spring City Chronicle)