Thursday, October 04, 2007

Pretentious? Moi?

Concerning Mayor Nelson's remarks about the ostentation and pretentiousness of Brookfield and Delafield, I comment in this week's column that I don't think the mayor is anyone to talk,
...this is the same mayor who promotes the downtown Art Crawl and is the prime proponent of the luxury Clarke Hotel and The Black Trumpet restaurant. Hanging out with Robert Redford in Sundance, Colo., to discuss water conservation is not the activity of the ordinary proletariat. And last I checked, most people don’t visit the factory in Europe to see their new Saab come off the assembly line.
But I also add that I don't think an apology is in order:
After all, just what would he say? "You’re right, I forgot about the big ugly mall in Brookfield and the giant glop of retail stores right off the freeway in Delafield. There’s nothing ostentatious or pretentious about them. In fact, they’re really just common examples of suburban sprawl."
I tapped into my inner Jim Rowen for those lines.

A quick and somewhat related note on the news the Pabst Farm developer is getting cold feet, is this really a bad thing? I came late to the Pabst Farms issue and so have been reluctant to stick my nose into it, but it looks like to me the county just saved $1.75 million in freeway costs, we saved a few million gallons of water, and we aren't artificially subsidizing competition to the business districts in already existing areas (ya know, like downtown Waukesha). Take this land off the books as retail property and you've just made the existing retail property in the county that much more valuable.

It seems to me we've just been given a chance to re-think the entire idea, and we should take advantage.

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