Thursday, July 26, 2007

Poking a stick in the bear cage

Because sometimes you gotta.

Dave of Carrick Bend posted a picture of Governor Doyle & Lt. Governor Lawton posing with caricature Native Americans from the old TV series F Troop. He captioned it, “The Governor and Lt Governor meet with concerned constituants (sic) to discuss the the impact of indian (sic) gaming on Wisconsin politics.” No context, no link.

Dave was a little unhappy when Mike Mathias at Pundit Nation called it "offensive and juvenile."
Does anyone wonder why Republicans find themselves battling charges of being insensitive to minority groups?

It’s because too many of you don’t speak up when individuals like Carrick sling their vile hash around.

Regardless of how one feels about Doyle or his gaming polices, our politics and political discourse are tarnished by Carrick’s brand of…well, what is it exactly? It looks like the kind of thing that would draw hoots of approval from readers of websites that advocate white supremacy.
While I think Mike goes too far in blaming Mark Green for all the ills of the world (he lost me when he quoted Plaisted), there is something about Dave’s attempt at humor that should make the reader wince.

After all, is Dave trying to say that Doyle shouldn’t meet with tribal leaders or that tribal leaders in Wisconsin are simple comedic stereotypes? Or both? If the former, who else should be excluded from meeting with the governor? Just Native Americans? Looking at the picture and the caption, would it not be reasonable to conclude Dave was trying to appeal to racial prejudice to make some political point?

Dave asks in another post if this picture is preferable. Of course it is*, regardless of one’s political persuasion, and if Dave cannot tell the difference then perhaps he should stick to reading Ann Coulter under the covers with a flashlight and leave the comedy to the rest of us.

* It would have been even funnier had he not called those who thought the first picture offensive "Nazis".

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