Friday, May 04, 2007

Cuprisin calls it "a new low"

Tim Cuprisin of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel notes on his blog,
Mike McGee aired another one of his disgusting rants today on his WNOV-AM (860) radio show..

At a time when even folks who have political disagreements with Charlie Sykes are offering condolences on the death of his mother, McGee the elder is slamming a guy when he's down.

Thanks to obsessive McGee listeners out there, like Real Debate Wisconsin, you can hear McGee's vile comments, such as "a woman that had a fool like that deserves whatever's comin' to her, 'cause she raised a sure enough idiot."

It got worse, when he said, ""My instincts say Charlie Sykes killed his mommy.... He got tired a waitin' for that money."
Bob Walker, program director of WKTI, also condemns McGee's remarks,
How can any reasonable person not compare McGee's rant with Imus'? I read Al Sharpton's critique of Imus' bit and it applies to McGee 100%.

McGee doesn't have the national platform of Imus so I do not expect Al Sharpton to fly into Mitchell anytime soon. But I sure hope everyone in Wisconsin who was asking for Imus' head is up in arms about this. I will be checking the JS in a minute to see if that is the case.

It's so tough to support offensive free speech from McGee or anyone else. Be assured: I would also support WNOV's right to can McGee if they don't want that kind of editorial spewing from their frequency.

Oddly enough - McGee's comments were slanderous. Even Imus didn't go there. I say let the lawyers go after him. Then he'll know the meaning of vengeance.
And Professor John McAdams caught the news at 10:00 last night on WTMJ-TV who reported McGee Sr will not be on the air Friday. Unfortunately there is nothing on their site.

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