Saturday, May 05, 2007

Breakfast booze

MKE has a featured article this week on booze with (for) brunch including some recipes to go with their annual brunch review. So if Mom (or Mom-in-law) is driving you crazy on Mother's Day, drown her out with booze.

One recipe that looks interesting enough to try is The Wisconsin Cow Bomb, if for the name than anything else.

Wisconsin Cow Bomb
Mixed by Valeri and Adam Lucks at Comet Cafe, 1947 N. Farwell Ave.
The digs Comet Cafe is the archetypal jumping east-side joint for brunch. "I would say it's a very busy, energetic place to come in the morning," co-owner Valeri Lucks says. "People are talking and laughing, and glasses are clinking."
The drink Think of the Wisconsin Cow Bomb ($7) as the Dairy State version of the Irish Car Bomb. "It actually kind of reminds me of a milkshake in a way, once the ice cream melts down," Lucks says. "So it's like a chocolate milkshake with a Jameson kick."
Goes well with The Commuter sandwich ($4.50), egg cooked any way you like with breakfast meat from the griddle on your choice of bread. "The Wisconsin Cow Bomb is a bit of a meal in and of itself," Lucks says. "So the Commuter would go with it well because it's not as huge as our other brunch menu items."
Hairs of the dog 5. That's if you get the standard single shot of Jameson. If you request more shots, you can quickly ratchet up the potency.
Mix it yourself
1 pint Guinness
1 scoop vanilla ice cream
2 tablespoons chocolate syrup
1 shot Jameson Irish Whiskey
Directions Pour Guinness in a pint glass. Add ice cream, then syrup, then top it off with Jameson. "The Jameson seems to melt the ice cream, which mixes it up better," Lucks says. "I usually use a spoon, and once it kind of melts together, you can drink it straight from the glass."
- T.C.
Our friend Quietman is probably screaming at horror at the thought that someone is mixing the Jamesons with ice cream and chocolate syrup.

I bet it works well with Makers Mark, too.

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