Sunday, February 05, 2006

No longer funny

At another time, this post by Belle at Leaning Blue might be funny, an example of accidental humor.

But given the vitriol on the Left and the constant crazed comparisons of Bush to Hitler, it has lost its humor value. All that remains is the residue of the bitterness and the hatred that so many on her side of the political spectrum have for our (hers, mine and our) president.

For many of us who remember our days as a college student being called everything from a fascist to a Nazi to a member of the KKK, seeing this so-called joke is one more reminder of those hurtful slanders.

I strongly suggest Belle take a walk up to the College Republicans at UWM and ask them their feelings about the picture she posted. The five minute sensitivity training she might receive will prove invaluable to her in her future career in the media - if she bothers to listen.