Sunday, January 29, 2006

Faces made for radio

Belle at Leaning Blue started a small controversy when she speculated what kind of person should replace Mark Reardon at WTMJ-AM (assuming they decide to replace him). Her advice, a liberal minority woman. (For the record, I would prefer someone solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short.)

Following the first rule of blogging*, she's now got a poll up asking her readers to indicate what they would like to see in a WTMJ radio personality "all other things being equal". The characteristics include:
So soon after Martin Luther King day I find it ironic that a liberal blogger would be more concerned with the physical appearance of a radio personality (and let me stress that: a radio personality) than "the content of their character" or the skills, talent and ability to attract a target audience they may have.

A more reasonable list of concerns would be:
Is this person boring?
Is this person going to say something everybody else is saying?
Is this person actually capable of speaking in other than a monotone?
How many "ums" and "ers" will I have to put up with between commercial breaks?
Will WTMJ have a stupid contest to select a new radio personality?
If it's a guy, will he wear a stupid earring?
Will they play ELO as their bumper music?

* First rule of blogging, if it got you an audience, ride it until it dies out.
**Apparently a "Belle" is in it's own mutually exclusive category. It's nice to know that as she moves through her twenties anything over forty is old.