Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Official confirmation of who rates where at the Obama White House

Well, it's official. Jake Tapper of ABC News questioned President Obama's Press Secretary Robert Gibbs today:

TAPPER: This is really just out of curiosity more than anything. How do you guys decide which acts of violence will prompt a White House response and which ones won't? There was a statement that went out about Dr. Tiller. How is the decision made that that would get a presidential statement, whereas the military recruiter in the Arkansas shooting would not?

GIBBS: Well, I believe a statement did go to many stations in Arkansas regarding that.

Now you know. Abortionist murdered in Kansas, statement by the president to the nation. Soldier assassinated in Arkansas by Islamic jihadist, statement to the local media. Fortunately for Obama, today's murder of a guard at the Holocaust Museum occurred in Washington D.C. so they won't have to decide what type of statement it merits.