Monday, June 01, 2009

Kilkenny alone

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reporter Jacqui Seibel confirmed for me earlier this evening blogger and former Brookfield Alderman Cindy Kilkenny alone was named in the defamation lawsuit by Joseph C. Niebler Sr. Kilkenny confirms on her blog that she has been served finally (in her fuzzy blue bathrobe). Cindy is backing off her promise to post the public documents in her case.

At first I said I’d put the public documents up, but a couple of bloggers have become oddly preoccupied with working as referee from the anti-cheering section, so I’m having second thoughts.

In the comments at her blog, Kilkenny reminds readers that during her campaign for mayor she went public about a rumor she is bipolar. She had trouble with her lawyers when she attempted to sue:

Eventually, I dropped the suit because it gets really ugly. In my case, I had to switch attorneys because my first one suddenly decided he had a conflict of interest. My second attorney started golfing with a few buds that had an interest in the lawsuit. The more he golfed, the less reliable he became in managing my case. I’d picked up a hefty bill by that time and couldn’t see an end for months, so I dropped it all. (Also, time does heal. I’ve been able to laugh about it more lately. That guy is still not on my list of favorite people, but I’m getting closer to admitting he’s just stupid. Sadly, I’m certain that lie will keep me from ever successfully running for office again.)

Nonetheless, she is confident of victory in this lawsuit.

I wrote with some humor about the bipolar rumor and the alleged shoe-throwing incident (before it was trendy) at the time.