Monday, April 27, 2009

Our dear leader's book

The Black Panthers sold Mao's "Little Red Book". The Gideons give away the Bible. And now, Agoura Hills, California, is spending $6,000 to encourage residents to read President Obama's "The Audacity of Hope."

The City of Agoura Hills, California recently spent about $6,000 of taxpayer money to encourage local residents to read and discuss Barack Obama's campaign book "The Audacity of Hope." Then they had an Obama campaign worker, who is also a veteran English teacher at the local high school facilitate a community discussion of the book. It was all part of the city's second year of participation in the "One City, One Book" reading program.

The wonder is that the city is not using federal stimulus funds to pay for the program. We're sure that the city's next book selection will be "The Road to Serfdom" by Friedrich Hayek. Right? Or has the city limited itself to reading only fantasy?