Thursday, April 16, 2009

Don't disrespect the star

A Redskins fan learned the hard way not to mess with the wrong Dallas Cowboy fan. (Ht: Owen Robinson, and it wasn't me.)

A man grabbed a Dallas Cowboys flag from a car that was stopped at a traffic light on L Street near Connecticut Avenue, threw it on the ground and was promptly punched in the face once the driver got out of his car.

One witness told the Washington Post she saw a “big, tall man walk up to this guy and hit him across the head.” Then other witnesses said he walked back toward his car, picked up what presumably was the flag, and drove off.

Which reminds me of George Teague's finest moment in his playing career:

(The record for most team loyalty still belongs to the Denver Broncos fans who shot someone for putting a coin in a jukebox while the game was on at the bar.)