Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Lights, decorations, action

The Great Christmas Lights Controversy continues. I have the outside Christmas lights on a timer, in response to our Bah Humbug neighbor. Meanwhile, some of our other neighbors have opined in the latest Waukesha Freeman "Sound Off."

Christmas decorations

This is about Christmas decorations on Anoka Avenue. What a joke! I also live on Anoka Avenue. Have you forgotten the miserable weather we have had? The nonstop snow and the miserable cold for the whole month of January? I see nothing wrong with the decorations out on their lawn. In fact it brightens up the neighborhood. I still have my tree up, completely decorated. Why? Because I enjoy it. It is very comforting at night with the lights on.

You sound like a old goat to me. Chill out. There’s enough stress in this country. You don’t like the decorations? Then close your drapes. In the meantime I will still enjoy the Christmas decorations. If they want to leave them up till the first day of spring, more power to them!


To the person who wrote in living on Anoka Avenue, complaining that their neighbors’ Christmas decorations were still up in February: I myself see nothing wrong with this unless they were still lit. I put lights up and had one heck of a time removing them right after Christmas. We had a winter of snow, rain and cold. If the person who wrote in was so upset over this then the neighborly thing to do is to see if their neighbor needed help removing the decorations. Their neighbor could have had a loved one in the hospital or they themselves were sick. We live in Wisconsin and have to work around the weather, not the calendar. I also wonder if the person who wrote in considered these decorations eyesores at Christmas.

We actually had a neighbor stop by to tell us she was not the one responsible for the first call to the "Sound Off" (I didn't suspect she was). We have not decided on a cut-off date for the lights but we're starting to think we're ready for Christmas 2009.

What amazes me is that in this day and age how little neighbors are unwilling to just knock on the door if there is a problem. Even in this neighborhood where neighbors tend to help each other with snow, towing each other out, etc.