Monday, January 05, 2009

What profits Burris to lose his soul?

If you're wondering how it is possible Roland Burris could possibly agree to be Blagojevich's appointment to the Senate, Burr Deming would like to introduce you Roland Burris, law-and-order candidate for governor.

Prosecutors said they might have participated in the murders, while some unknown third person actually committed the rape. The lead investigator became convinced they were innocent, but re-prosecution went forward. The investigator resigned in protest. The third conviction was overturned because the jury was never told by prosecutors that another man, one whose DNA was consistent with that found on the murdered child, confessed to the crime. Deputies and prosecutors were indicted for framing the men.

The Attorney General of Illinois was running for Governor and was tough on crime. He would not second guess a jury verdict just because of his personal opinions. He wanted them executed. When he ordered that the case be pursued, the Deputy Attorney General resigned. She would not try to kill innocent men. The state lost and the two were released after almost 12 years on death row. The Attorney General lost his run for Governor.

The line, "he would hang his own mother for a couple of lousy votes" springs to mind.