Monday, January 26, 2009

The rejigger tax shift shaft flim flam from Van Mobley

At least he's up front about it. Literally. On the first question on Wisconsin Public Television's Here and Now (television so good they oughtta sell commercials), Dr. Van Mobley answers the school funding question by suggesting we get the money from increasing the state sales tax, and then says he would "like" that it be done with a cut in the property tax. "That's the way these grand bargains are normally consumated."

In other words, it's the way taxpayers are normally screwed. Dr. Mobley should take a look at with whom he would bargaining. He might not be so excited to climb into bed with the teachers unions and their fellow travelers that have proposed the same thing, anticipating an overall increase in tax money.

Van Mobley also takes the opportunity to "me too" the Fernandez plan for MPS, a sure disappointment for Dr. Mobley's biggest fan. Only he would trust one person, either the mayor or the governor.

He's against No Child Left Behind, considering it an unfunded mandate.

Dr. Mobley also wants his students to know he cares, and he shows it by calling the roll.

The interview is painful to watch, actually.