Monday, December 29, 2008

Pro-Life Wisconsin ads for the new year

Pro-Life Wisconsin is continuing to partner with Virtue Media to show television ads against abortion. The group claims 220 lives were saved as a result of the campaign in 2008.  From their press release:

Two cutting-edge commercials are now running. One is a multi-cultural crisis pregnancy ad and the other uses a vivid 4-D ultrasound image of a beautiful preborn baby to declare a strong personhood message.

Pro-Life Wisconsin – partnering with Virtue Media – was able to get this life-saving media campaign underway. Right now, hundreds of commercials are scheduled to run across a broad viewing area in the Wausau area.

Hamill outlined the True to Life campaign’s necessity – it delivers the truth about the abortion culture in order to affect real change in society, educates Wisconsinites on the sanctity of human life, encourages others to take hope in restoring a culture of life and reinforces the total protection message.

“We are confident these commercials, by directing viewers to a crisis pregnancy hotline or, will save lives,” Hamill concluded.

The multi-cultural crisis pregnancy ad can be viewed by clicking here, and the 4-D ultrasound ad can be viewed by clicking here.