Monday, December 15, 2008

Governor to streamline approval process for stimulus projects

According to, Governor Doyle will streamline the approval process for stimulus projects in Wisconsin:

Gov. Jim Doyle said today that the bidding and approval process for infrastructure projects funded under a potential federal stimulus package would need to be streamlined to "get more projects moving more quickly."

Doyle and other governors made a push last week in Washington, D.C., for an aid package to boost lagging state economies. The package, which Congress will begin working on in January, will include money for road and building projects. See the list of projects Doyle submitted to the Obama administration here.

Doyle told reporters today that timing for the lets for bids and the state's response will be sped up to meet Obama's goal of getting people to work quickly.
The new process will be simple. Projects that benefit contributors will be pushed first, followed by Doyle friends and family, then contributors to the Democrats in the legislature, then their friends and family.