Monday, December 15, 2008

Another house-buying rumor in Green Bay

Who starts these rumors? Realtors? In a comment regarding the possibility of Mike Holmgren coaching next year:

Holmgren and Wolf will reunite, but it should be in Green Bay. Ron’s already bought his house and moved to town. The next step would be for the board to step up, do what’s right, and fire Ted Thompson. He’s a joke of a GM, has been selling this team down river since arriving, and has yet to make any FA aquisitions. Holmgren in the luxury suite with Wolf on his hip or in his ear, and all the while watching Bill Cowher restore this franshise to it’s winning ways.

Hey, I saw it on the internet so it must be true.

A friend of mine also asked me about the possibility of the Dallas Cowboys hiring Holmgren. Not likely. The next guy in line is Jason Garrett. Besides, if Holmgren could only put up with Andre Rison for half a season, which of the malcontents in Dallas would drive Holmgren absolutely bonkers first?

I'm betting Jerry Jones makes an offer to Dr. Phil to be an assitant coach in the off-season.