Wednesday, October 01, 2008

James Wigderson and his critics

I've accumulated a few...

Tim Rock comments on my obsession with the Messiah complex surrounding The Obama.  I'm getting less concerned with the perception of his deification than I am with his followers' fanaticism and their latent fascism.  If Obama wins the election and leads a "March on Washington", I'm brushing up on my Italian.

Jim Rowen will be happy.  While The Obama's followers shut down the opposition, The Obama will make the trains run on time.

As for Tim Rock's implicit assertion that conservative politics leads to bad music, I've seen the Woodstock documentary.  If forced to sit in the rain listening to that dreck, I'd be stoned, too.

Speaking of dreck, Jim Bouman worries about my pathological response to the mention of Berkeley and Pete Seeger in the same sentence.  It's not "Berkeley" that triggers the response, but Pete Seeger and the New York Times.  But could we please have general agreement that bad law makes for bad music lyrics?

Besides, as I commented to Bouman, if there was any aesthetic justice in the world, Bob Dylan would be wielding an axe at the next Pete Seeger performance.

Or as John Belushi put it so well,

Left-wing blogger Renee Crawford let's the world in on a secret:

James and I had a great time as well. We watched the debate, ate pizza and gabbed and joked about the event as it was going on. Let me tell you a little secret about us conservative and liberal bloggers, most of us know each other. Most of us grew up in Wisconsin and guess what, as long as we don't talk politics, usually we get along really well and even when we do talk politics, we respect each other's work well enough that we don't get into heated discussions. We instead civilly make our points agree to disagree (and occasionally to agree) and move on.

Scandalous.  My reputation as a right-wing fanatic has been permanently damaged.  No wonder I received no mention in the following Waukesha Freeman Sound Off:

I don’t understand why The Freeman doesn’t print editorials by Clarence Page, George Will, Kathleen Parker, Garrison Keillor and others who tell both sides of a story instead of the garbage and fabrications of the likes of Ann Coulter, Jessica McBride and others.

(This appears just days after McBride criticized Republican County Executive Dan Vrakas.)  Why would the Waukesha Freeman run anything by Page, Will, Parker and Keillor when it already runs me every Thursday?  Are you not entertained?  (And only for $.50.)

Finally, Mayor Nelson would like the record to reflect his shirt was coral in color, not pink.  My shirt on Up Front With Mike Gousha was red-state red, not coral.  I wore better shoes.