Friday, October 24, 2008

I'm sick of the yard signs

Your yard sign got stolen? That's why the campaigns made them, just so they can get stolen. They don't vote; they don't increase name id; they don't change the minds of anyone. If they did, Donalda Hammersmith would have kicked Tom Barrett's ass in 1992 for congress. Instead, he's mayor of Milwaukee now and she still owes me $400.

So I don't want to hear about your yard sign. I don't care if it got stolen right in front of you by an Obama supporter driving an SUV or a McCain supporter in a moose costume.

Did it occur to you that the reason so many signs are getting stolen is because of the scrap metal value of the wires? Your yard sign is probably in a cart with a bunch of aluminum cans.

So don't send me the e-mails. Don't write the letters to the editor. And for pity's sake please don't call the police. Oh yeah, don't call the campaigns either. They hate yard signs more than anyone else.

Call Art Siemann. Have him make you a new sign. Or a couple of thousand.