Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Was an apology really necessary

ABC/ESPN is just a cesspool of political correctness.  Tony Kornheiser apologized last night for something he said on the air during Monday Night Football, and the rest of us were left to figure out he was referring to a joke he made about his inability to speak Spanish.

After listening to a snippet of the Spanish-language broadcast of the game in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, Kornheiser said this:

"I took high school Spanish, either he said he's not going to be caught, or please pick up my dry cleaning tomorrow."

And later, this:

"I said something before which I shouldn't have said, I apologize for it. Not my first mistake, undoubtedly won't be my last, but a 100% apology."

If he's joking about his inability to learn a language, how does it offend anybody but Kornheiser's high school Spanish teacher? 

Meanwhile, I'm still waiting for ESPN's apology for all of the male enhancement treatment ads and the Cialis ads, and for having a broadcast booth completely biased against the home team during last night's broadcast.