Friday, August 08, 2008

Graber and Walker

Jay Weber, morning radio host on WISN-AM, has entered the world of blogging with a brief look at a possible Graber candidacy for governor.

"...these Graber fans say, Walker doesn’t have a Vision for Wisconsin (notice the capital ‘V’?). We need Vision.

Pardon me, but Vision sounds expensive to me if it is coming from Thompson cronies. Vision sounds like code for expand government, give in to lobbyists and loyalists, play the game.

I am an open Scott Walker backer. I know nothing about Rick Graber, he may be a wonderful man. Further, I like Tommy Thompson, and I believe he did a lot of great things for this state.

But... Let’s be honest. Tommy was a governor who expanded government and spent all the revenue that came in during a time of prosperity when we could have been building a rainy day fund. So forgive me if I don’t fault Scott Walker for not having Vision."

Kevin Fischer has the roster of bloggers for The Right View Wisconsin.