Friday, July 25, 2008

This Must Be What Mark Pocan Means By "All-Inclusive"

Admittedly, I have a personal, familial axe to forever grind with Madison liberal Mark Pocan, but I'll be kind and wait for him to respond to this.

Pocan has been putting the pompous on extra-thick these days while playing with his new toy Rep. Jeff Wood (I-Chippewa Falls) telling us all that Assembly Democrats and Democrats in general are all one-big, happy family. A family where all are welcome, where those that disagree are given a voice.

So, what do ya say about this Mark?

The Democratic Party of Wisconsin’s administrative committee voted unanimously this afternoon to strip a Racine County woman of her credentials as a Hillary Clinton delegate for the national convention, despite her pleas to keep her seat.

Following the vote, Debra Bartoshevich said in a phone call with WisPolitics the result was no surprise to her.

“This was all pre-planned, everyone came in with the notion that they weren’t going to listen to my argument,” she said.

DPW chair Joe Wineke said afterward that the outcome might have been different if Bartoshevich had admitted she'd made a mistake and added that she signed two different forms stating that she would support the party's nominee in the fall election.

"The bottom line is simple," Wineke said. "She has refused to support the nominee of the Democratic Party, and our state administrative committee ... felt that the person that should represent the 1st Congressional District for Hillary Clinton should be someone who backs the nominee -- as Hillary Clinton has requested."

The state party filed a formal complaint with the Democratic National Committee after Bartoshevich publicly stated her support earlier this summer for John McCain in this fall’s presidential race. The national party then kicked the issue back to the state party for a vote.

She has since backed off those comments and refused to be pinned down during a conference call this afternoon on who she planned to back this fall, saying she made her statements about McCain at “an emotional time” following Clinton’s announcement that she was suspending her campaign.

She said Clinton was the candidate that inspired her to become involved in the presidential primary. She said that she’d still like to go to the convention as a Clinton delegate to hear Obama’s platform and to support Clinton. The nomination isn’t settled until the convention vote, she said.

“I am truly a dedicated Democrat,” she said.
Guess they must define "all-inclusive big-tent" differently these days.

Though, I must say, this little part of the proceedings is downright hilarious.

But, before the vote, in her explanation of why she should still be seated as a convention delegate, she repeatedly referred to the "Democrat Party" -- and, to party leaders, those are fighting words.

"Democrat Party" is the term repeatedly used by one of the party's chief tormentors, radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh, Wisconsin Democratic leaders told Bartoshevich.

She was so new to the party, she didn't know the code words. When corrected again and again -- "it's the DemocratIC Party" -- she fell silent at one point. "I don't understand," she finally stammered.

After the vote, State Party Chairman Joe Wineke noted how failing to add the "ic" angers party activists."Liberals, especially" take great offense at Limbaugh's term, he explained.

Little bit of insight for my 'Democratic' friends, Limbaugh may use the term but it's never really been his term; it's been one the Republican National Committee's used for years and for all I know it goes back to the days before Lee Atwater was even running the place.

It's something most straight-out-of college interns, party volunteers, and employees/strategists learn on day one: "Why call it 'The Democratic Party,' when there's nothing democratic about it? Call it 'The Democrat Party' instead."

Thanks for showing the rest of the world, and a once loyal Democrat in Ms. Bartoshevich, the line still applies.