Thursday, July 24, 2008

This Has Just Been Bugging Me

All day long I kept asking myself just why would Ruth Page Jones write out a $15,000 check to her campaign (see the post below) now instead of in September right before the primary? I think I got it. Please keep in mind it is just a thought or two...

1. To force Schmuki out of the race so less money is spent on a primary and the Democratic base doesn't get divided. Let's face it, how many people have now gone to Mr. Schmuki and asked him just how much money he is willing to donate to his own campaign? Isn't the $15K democratic activist Ruth Page Jones gave her own campaign more than Schmuki spent on his last campaign against Kramer? To add insult to injury, Ruth Page Jones has received money from Mayor Larry Nelson, many teachers and other community organizers. I think the scales have been solidly tipped in Page Jones' favor.

2. The total dollar amount that Ruth Page Jones acknowledged in the Freeman article made her look competitive with Kramer. Just look at the sub-headline in the article linked to below.

3. It shows all the other liberal spenders that she is committed to win this election. I'm not talking about the $25.00 or $100.00 contributors. I am talking about WEAC, the Indian tribes, the conduits, etc.

While the grapevine told me that the State Republican Party doesn't believe Kramer's seat is targeted by the State Democratic Party, they do acknowledge it may be a dark horse race. To me, it looks like a perfect storm, a storm I hope fizzles out.

Update! I did some checking on the 2006 campaign. Schmuki total expenditures were $28,861, $7515.63 was State funded. The rest was raised, primarily from donors. Just over $1000 was from the Waukesha Democratic Party. He did receive $500.00 from the WEAC PAC. He also returned the money back to WEAC PAC. I know who I will be voting for in September.