Thursday, July 31, 2008

Excuse me, just a little bit of gas

Jessi Olson, an enthusiastic new blogger that I met the other day, has a new project, Drill Here Drill Now Tuesdays. I'll be playing along, too, along with some other bloggers.

Help spread the word, and also support the Wisconsin Institute for Leadership's call for the repeal of Wisconsin's Minimum Markup law. State Representatives Leah Vukmir and Bill Kramer have called upon the governor to hold a special session of the legislature. Call Governor Doyle at 608-266-1212 to tell him you want the minimum markup law repealed, a position he has taken in the past. (Why the governor wouldn't take this opportunity to embarrass Speaker Huebsch is beyond my understanding.)

Finally, did your congressman receive a "Friend of Foreign Oil" t-shirt from Americans for Prosperity? Check out their website to see if your congressman is a friend of OPEC, or a friend of the American motorist.

There are things we can do today to make our energy future more affordable for Wisconsin families while reducing our dependence on foreign oil. Why not start now?