Thursday, June 26, 2008

Secret agent Sinicki

Former State Senator Tom Reynolds has formed a group, Clean Sweep Wisconsin, to recruit candidates in the Milwaukee area to run in the Democratic primary against incumbent legislators. The idea makes sense. After all, while Reynolds was a Republican, he was a very independent Republican. Reynolds has never been about the party.

Democrats dominate the Milwaukee area. It should be no shock to anyone that Reynolds would recruit conservative Democrats to try to change the complexion of Madison.

It's certainly not much different than the Democratic National Committee recruiting conservative Democrats to challenge in overwhelmingly Republican areas.

Of course, this didn't stop Rep. Christine Sinicki (D) from crying "fraud" which is especially funny when she used a false name to get information from the organization.

I wonder what alias she used? Natasha Fatale, and Mark Pocan was Boris Badenov? Did she request the information be sent to the Russian consulate on microfilm? Did she tell Tom Reynolds, "Shhh, we can't talk now. My phone may be tapped. Meet me at Whitnall Park with the information. I'll be carrying a white rose. The secret code phrase is, `The dog that did not bark.'"

I wonder if Reynolds is recruiting someone to run against Sheldon Wasserman in that state senate primary. Of course, it's kinda hard to nail down which party Wasserman belongs to. Libertarian? Democrat? Maybe Sinicki should spend her time worrying about that kind of deception.