Friday, February 08, 2008

Americans for Prosperity Defending the Dream summit

You can still register to attend. The speakers list looks impressive, but I'm sorry I probably will not be able to attend due to other issues (car, kids, health, and a family obligation).

I was asked by one of the organizers to offer my opinion on the top ten or so posts or blog moments in the Cheddarsphere. I'll pass along some from the right side that occur off the top of my head (in no particular order), plus some personal favorites:
1) Owen Robinson sends no taxes pledge to the legislature. Budget negotiations collapse, Robson gets ousted as Senate Leader, Robinson gets calls from Grover Norquist complaining about stealing his schtick.
2) Sean Hackbarth starts blogging in 1999. Most people don't know this, but Sean's first blog post was in cuneiform.
3) Badger Blog Alliance formed in December 2004. Site still under construction. Bloggers discover verbal communication works, too.
4) Badger Blogger Patrick Dorwin records Michael McGee Sr. in full rant about the death of Charlie Sykes' mother. McGee Sr. forced from the air. Jerrell Jones eventually sells station.
5) Spivak and Bice assigned to cover blogs. They split up partnership instead.
6) Spring City Chronicle exposes newly appointed Waukesha alderman Glenn Savoie as a solicitor of underage girls. Waukesha Freeman wins prize. Really.
7) WTMJ-AM fires Jessica McBride. Suddenly WTMJ-AM discovers what the words "core audience" mean.
8) WISN-AM has contest to hire morning show. Nicole Devlin wins thanks to lefty bloggers. Dan Deibert is picked because WISN-AM isn't crazy. They're still blogging. Well, Dan is.
9) Ethanol mandate killed, State Senator Dale Schultz discovers hard way what blogging is. Michael Horne exposes Luther Olsen. Scott Fitzgerald resumes role as Republican Senate Leader.
10) First blog summit. Dennis York wins "Blogger of the Year". Mandy Jenkins claims local bloggers just comment on what they read in the newspaper. Journalists flee in ensuing mayhem.

I know I missed plenty of highlights on the right, and I'm sure my readers have a few suggestions. In the meantime, here's a few favorite moments from my own blog.

1) Joseph Sobran is issued an invitation to speak by a local conservative group. Invitation is rescinded when I point out his anti-semitic leanings.
2) I cover the 33rd Assembly Race special election, introducing local politicians to idea they should actually live in the district they represent. Oh yeah, lobbyists make lousy candidates.
3) Coverage of Waukesha Mayoral race and election of Larry Nelson. Refugees gather in Pewaukee, plotting return.
4) Coverage of Waukesha County Executive race and election of Dan Vrakas, followed by the strange departure of Jennifer Finley.
5) The controversy (and subsequent appearance on WMCS) over a post I wrote saying I would not stop until the county line. By the way, Scott Huggins' killer was given 30 years in prison.
6) The downfall of Jeff "Little Nixon" Nowak in Pewaukee.
7) The reduction in size of the Waukesha County Board.
8) Feral Cats. To this day the funniest thing I've ever written.
9) The Gay Marriage Debate
10) Meeting my fellow Wisconsin bloggers.