Saturday, November 03, 2007

Important things to learn

Find a large coffee mug. Put one packet of Swiss Miss instant hot chocolate in the bottom. Put two Folger's single cup coffee maker coffee pods into your Black and Decker single cup coffee maker. Push "14oz". Waukesha County no longer has to consider decriminalizing small amounts of pot for me to mellow out.

My children do not want Halloween to end until Christmas. Fortunately, WMYX is playing Christmas music.

I like Steve better than Joe on Blues Clues.

The noise that small children will make is directly proportional to how much their mom needs extra sleep.

Sometimes you have to read the newspaper to know what the family is up to while I write my columns. Okay, I knew what they were doing because I play the word puzzle game. By the way, there goes a column idea down the tubes.

The temptation for children to use the printer to print pictures from their favorite website is directly proportional to the amount of paper in the printer.

The absolute necessity of the dogs needing to go outside is inversely proportional to the amount of clothes I am wearing at the time.

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