Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Belling, Wigderson and Robinson show

Lest you think all I hear is the adulation, someone dropped a dime to complain. In today's Waukesha Freeman Sound Off section:

I can’t wait this week for Mark Belling, James Wigderson and the other tax crusaders when it comes to their response regarding the Wisconsin Covenant. I’ve been forced to read The Freeman waste space on Belling and Wigderson and Owen Robinson in the last few weeks as they got on their soap boxes and preached how it was pure evil for Gov. Jim Doyle to promise Wisconsin’s students that they could go to college if they got good grades. The way Belling and Robinson put it, Doyle was a cross between the king of socialism and the prince of darkness in how he and his administration encouraged children to sign up for the Wisconsin Covenant. After all, Mr. Belling and Mr. Wigderson and Mr. Robinson, nothing is more evil than offering someone the chance to receive a college degree, right?

Wait, what’s that? The budget compromise your Republican Assembly agreed to included the Wisconsin Covenant? Is that right? Freeman editorial writers, does that mean we have to live under the curse of having an educated populace? What will become of us, Mr. Robinson, now that we are encouraging our schoolchildren to work hard, get good grades and strive to succeed in college?

It’s heartening to hear that Rep. Mike Huebsch and his fellow Republicans in the state Assembly are capable of ignoring the wild screeches of people like Robinson and Wigderson. It reinforces my faith that our elected officials can ... actually come together to accomplish something that benefits our next generation. If only the state Assembly Republicans would now move on and tell the likes of Robinson, Wigderson and Belling that they compromised on the Wisconsin Covenant because educating our children comes before these writers’ fool beliefs that the ideal state involves paying no taxes at all.
For the record, I'm writing on something else this week as five columns in a row on the state budget is a little much even for me. I'm not sure what the other members of the posse are doing. Maybe the next time we're just hanging out at Victor's thinking of new ways to deprive the masses of an education (WEAC still has us beat) we'll draw straws to decide who gets to write the column to explain there is no funding, even under the budget likely to be passed today, for the Wisconsin Covenant program. Nobody knows where the money is coming from and how much the program will cost. It was also rather unseemly of the governor to run around the state to sign up children for a program that did not exist yet (and, as of this writing, might not be created). Some would argue, okay I would argue, it was downright dishonest. But that's to be expected from the current governor.

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