Saturday, June 02, 2007

Over six years of Bush-Cheney oppression will make anyone depressed

Our fellow blogger Jay Bullock of folkbum's rambles and rants celebrated his fourth* blogging anniversary by sounding like AJ Soprano right before he went for a swim with a cinder block tied to his ankle.

So I've been at this four years, today. Woo.

I'm in one of my periodic what's-the-point-of-blogging slumps, which is a big part of why this space has been quiet for a few days. That, and work in and out of the house, car shopping, quality time with my charcoal grill . . .

But it's also Memorial Day, and it's mind-boggling to me that, since this day last year, we have nearly 1000 new American dead to remember. How can a blogoversary compare to that?
This week my column in the Waukesha Freeman looked at Bullock and Cindy Sheehan calling it quits and what I detected as a general depression among the left-wing at recent blogging conferences. I concluded,
...the political left has made great gains since November. Obsessing over the negative results in politics will only convince them that their own sincerity and righteousness make them morally superior over those who manage to get on with their daily lives without an overwhelming desire for self-immolation.

There’s no comfort in that level of moral smugness, only sadness and alienation. That can only lead to contempt for those who believe differently. Perhaps there we can find the roots of the left’s rage against President Bush.

I think I would rather lose an election and be happy.
My biggest regret is that I didn't just save the topic for a larger look at the Left's alternating rage and depression as 700 words doesn't really give the chance to explore other examples. Lacking more examples was probably the source of Bullock's comment, "...not only am I featured in Wiggy's column (where I co-star with Cindy Sheehan, of all people)..."

I did offer Bullock a chance to respond, but he politely declined my offer, writing,
Where you're off, perhaps, is in implying such close connections between Sheehan, et al, and folkbum, et al. The serious leftroots--and most respectable Democrats--wrote her off long before she realized she'd been written off. To me, her "goodbye, cruel world" was, more than anything else, a cry for help, not some bold statement poxing everyone's houses.
I think that was exactly her complaint, even as it was news to those of us on the political right. But given that as of today Ed Garvey is still hoping she'll show at Fighting Bob Fest, I'll have to ask Bullock if that means Ed Garvey can no longer be taken seriously or if no respectable Democrat would be caught dead at Fighting Bob Fest.

*Note: in my article I incorrectly noted Bullock's blog is five years old. It is four. I apologize for aging Jay Bullock prematurely.

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