Saturday, May 12, 2007

Don't Republican Party members have mothers?

Mother's Day is tomorrow. Don't forget Mom this year. By the way, she knows you bought the card and flowers from the grocery store on the actual day this year so try to do better this year.

My wife and I are heading out to breakfast again this year. To see what she's in for, please read Thursday's column in the Waukesha Freeman.

It could be worse for her. We could be in Lake Geneva attending the Republican Party of Wisconsin's annual convention. Don't Republican Party members have mothers? Whose brilliant idea was this?

"Hey, Mom. Instead of bringing you some flowers and taking you out for dinner, let's go see if Tommy Thompson can insult another minority group. Afterwards we can go see the abandoned dog track Tommy helped build."

I understand State Attorney General JB Van Hollen will be in attendance. Will Al Qaeda be far behind?

I wonder why I didn't get an invite this year?

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