Monday, February 19, 2007

Does not compute

The state elections board, soon to be extinct, is having a little computer problem.

Just when you think the status of the state's computerized voter registration project can't get worse, it deteriorates further. Even though completion of the project already is more than a year overdue, the state Elections Board is now acknowledging that the new system still won't be fully operational for this spring's elections.

Elections Board officials are expressing hope that all the kinks in the new system will be worked out and all of its promised functions will be functioning by the presidential primary election in February 2008.

So while we wait for the Hal9000 to be properly programmed, we might want to question a few recent assumptions about the capabilities of government. For example:

  • Who do we trust more to make wiser economic decisions, the government or the shareholders of an oil company?
  • Do we really trust government to make the trains and trolleys run on time?
  • Should we really trust the government to run health care?

With a little luck, maybe someday we can trust the government to even run an election.

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