Sunday, August 16, 2009

We interrupt this summer vacation

Politico is reporting Governor Jim Doyle is expected to announce Monday he is not seeking re-election. Kevin at Lakeshore Laments is following the details. Jed at Boots and Sabers is taking additional guesses in case Monday's announcement is something else, like Doyle's dentist isn't licensed in Wisconsin, too. The Spring City Chronicle says the news is better than a State Fair cream puff. Former State Senator Cathy Stepp predicts the Democratic nominee will be Congressman Ron Kind. RPW Chairman Reince Preibus will be doing his victory dance on Up Front with Mike Gousha Sunday morning.

Just some quick additional thoughts:

Is Mike Tate the least-qualified state chairman of any party you have ever seen asked to defend a now-open seat?

I know some liberal bloggers are going to try to claim Lt. Gov. Barbara Lawton will be a formidable candidate. No, really, they will. Even assuming that she's more competent than generally perceived, they should keep in mind that lieutenant governors get all of the blame and none of the credit for the administrations they serve. Since none of the other likely Democratic candidates for governor are going to show any love for the Doyle administration, look for Lawton to be an easy punching bag.