Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Where in the World Wide Web is your website?

Michael Horne had a little fun tracking down the location of the company that built Scott Walker's campaign website.

The website, Scott Walker for Wisconsin Governor was created by Midnet Media, a company that, like many Wisconsin-based firms, provides "web development, video production, advertising, digital media, graphic design," and other services.

Deep cyberspace travelers will recognize Midnet Media as the creator of such sites as Dayton Bag & Burlap Company, Buds Chevrolet of St. Mary's Ohio, and, (slogan: "One of Ohio's Best Kept Secrets").

Unfortunately, Midnet Media is an Ohio company with no apparent Wisconsin connection. (Although there is always a chance it might be linked to a political supporter of Walker.)

Okey dokey. But the Wigderson Library & Pub has learned Walker isn't the only candidate for governor looking outside Wisconsin for a little website help. One candidate, Governor Jim Doyle, reached all the way to his friends in Washington D.C. for a little help. Then again, why not? After all, he's been out there begging for money to fix the budgetary mess he's created. He might as well ask for a little website help, too.