Thursday, May 28, 2009

State budget tragic opera

If they didn't have a golf tournament to attend tomorrow with their campaign donors (ht: Charlie Sykes), the Democrats probably would have waited until tomorrow afternoon before letting loose with this budget bomb. As it is, they're probably hoping that the 65 page single budget motion will keep us all too busy to figure out what's in it. Fortunately the MacIver Institute is on the case and is updating some of the more outrageous budget items on Twitter.

My favorite so far: "Fat Lady Sings. No, the JFC isn't done. They haven't started yet. But the Oshkosh Opera House to get $500k bonding in new #wibudget."

As I wrote in this week's column for the Waukesha Freeman:

For three months the public debated the governor’s original budget proposal. Now the Democrats are trying to cram through a new state budget in 11 days, making the choices behind closed doors. The state budget is turning into a train wreck of bad social policy, increased spending, increased taxes, new taxes, and a neglect of the public safety.

For all of the complaints about how a state Legislature divided between the Republicans and the Democrats turned the last budget debate into a 10-month marathon, the public was better served.