Sunday, May 03, 2009

So dumb they had to go to journalism school

There should be a prize for journalistic stupidity. It would be awarded to the journalist who writes something so stupid Republicans and Democrats would immediately agree it deserves a prize.

Last week the first nominee would have to be this Associated Press article on the recent state supreme court race:

MADISON — A new report says Wisconsin Supreme Court candidates Shirley Abrahamson and Randy Koschnick spent $1.26 million through March.

The Wisconsin Democracy Campaign found Abrahamson spent $1.2 million through March 23. Koschnick spent $62,932. Abrahamson, the court's incumbent chief justice, defeated the Jefferson County judge in the April 7 election.

That’s right. She spent $1.2 million, he spent less than some teachers make in a year, and the story this reporter writes? Abrahamson and Koschnick spent $1.26 million.

But if we’re going to inaugurate the prize, the prize will need a name. How about the Steven Walters Prize? This blog post certainly earns him the honor:

Madison -Chief Supreme Court Justice Abrahamson, 75, who in the 1990s was once considered for a seat on the U.S. Supreme Court, has no plans to seek the seat being given up by retiring Justice David Souter.

Having just won her fourth 10-year term in the April 7 election, Abrahamson "is looking forward to the next 10 years on the Wisconsin Supreme Court," a court spokesman said. (Ht: Illusory Tenant)

Please tell me he didn’t call Abrahamson’s office to ask.