Monday, May 25, 2009

Jon and Kate plus me

If you're watching the Memorial Day Jon & Kate Plus 8 marathon in anticipation of the season premiere tonight, let me entertain you with this column from the Waukesha Freeman instead:

The final straw was when the Gosselin family went to see Thomas the Train. They got to ride in their own private car, and the couple complained the whole time.

Speaking as a dad who has also taken the family to see Thomas the Train, let me assure you nobody gets a private car. Instead, you sit in the hot sun waiting for your turn with a bunch of other families. It's still fun, but hardly the Orient Express.

The privileges are not without cost. You can't miss Kate Gosselin. Even if you have never watched the show, she is on the cover of half the tabloids and magazines at the supermarket checkout, including the latest issue of People Magazine. If two people are in line in front of you, you already know she has marital problems, she might be leaving her husband, her husband might be leaving her, and there might be marital infidelity by each of them.

In the aforementioned People Magazine, Kate Gosselin said she is having marital problems but she doesn't know if she and her husband can work them out. She then told the magazine she never expected to spend Mother's Day - yes, Mother's Day - in New York, away from her family, telling a national magazine about her marital problems. But she loves her children. She calls them on the phone every spare moment she has.

The children to whom she gave birth, the children that made her famous, the children that make it possible for her to tell a national magazine she is not having an affair with the bodyguard. She calls them whenever she can.

Tonight we get to learn the latest on their marital troubles. The children? Not so much.

For years I have given the advice, "If you don't want a Jerry Springer reputation, don't live a Jerry Springer life." Increasingly, too many of us are willing to seize that Jerry Springer life just to be famous. It doesn't mean we have to watch.