Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Can you hear the free market working?

Too bad neither chamber of the state legislature is interested in taking a field trip to Waukesha to hold a public hearing on a state-wide smoking ban. They might discover that the free market is already working to provide people with smoke-free choices. The Waukesha Business Improvement District lists 14 places that are smoke free.

• The Black Trumpet, 314 W. Main St., 262-549-3800
• Chill, Fine Wine and Martinis, Gasper St., 262-547-7077
• Clarke Bar, 314 W. Main St., 262-549-3800
• Daddy-Oh’s Restaurant, 250 W. Broadway, 262-547-7077
• Divino Gelato CafĂ©, 227 W. Main St., 262-446-9490
• Generations at the Five Points, 294 W. Main St., 262-446-3300
• House of Guinness, 354 W. Main St., 262-446-0181
• Ray’s on South, 225 South St., 262-522-6450
• Rochester Deli, 143 W. Broadway, 262-522-6450
• Taylor’s People’s Park, 337 W. Main St,.262-522-6868
• Sakura Japanese Sushi and Grill, 332 W. Broadway, 262-408-5681
• Springhouse Tea Room, 913 Clinton St., 262-522-3605
• Sprizzo Gallery CaffĂ©, 363 W. Main St, 262-513-5640
• The Steaming Cup, 340 W. Main St, 262-522-3605

Seven of these places are relatively new. The other seven made the switch, counting on their clientele staying through the change.

This happened despite Waukesha rejecting the idea of banning smoking in restaurants when it was floated as a trial balloon by Alderman Tortomasi.

Jeff at the Eat Wisconsin reviews one of the new places downtown, Taylor's People's Park.