Wednesday, April 29, 2009

When does the Bush blaming end?

From today's Waukesha Freeman Sound Off:

Social Security

I am commenting on the person that was published in the Saturday Sound Off blaming President Bush because they lost half of their money in the stock market and was also glad that he never had a chance to privatize Social Security.

Your problem is that you can’t blame yourself for your bad investment choices so you blame Bush. Blame your investment adviser, who should have directed you to a more secure investment. The stock market is a risk! It is why investments are not covered under the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. You need to hold yourself accountable for your poor choice and lack of education in investing in the market.

As far as Social Security goes, I would have loved the opportunity to invest my own Social Security money. The problem is that the Social Security system creates dependents on the government. When I retire, it won’t be there and I don’t have a choice as to whether I want to contribute. You probably don’t even realize that your benefits are being paid today by me. In the next 10 years, Social Security will shrink and begin to disappear. Without those funds to shrink our ever-growing deficit, Congress will have no choice but to raise taxes even more, cut programs and let deficit amounts climb. In 2017, it’s going to get worse. Today Medicare and Social Security consume 60 percent of income taxes.

Why would you suggest that the government is the best at administering Social Security when it is headed for a train wreck? ...

At least Bush offered a solution to the problem. Maybe not a perfect one but he faced the reality that Social Security will disappear eventually and cause financial peril if not fixed. The current administration isn’t even addressing it, instead offering more and more governmental programs so that we lose our independence and become just like you – believing that government will fix everything and that it was that horrible Bush’s fault.

I suggest you better educate yourself and hold yourself accountable for your own decisions. Bush isn’t going to be around forever for you to blame.

But they're sure as heck going to try.