Monday, April 06, 2009

Notes and updates

1) State Senator Mary Lazich explained why constituent e-mail (i.e. public records) may have ended up discarded as spam. Since I like Yahoo e-mail, like many people, and it avoids the necessity of changing my e-mail address every time I change internet providers, I'm not sure what the solution is everytime an idea for inquiry hits me beyond the normal business hours. I feel sorry for those constituents that rely upon e-mail services like Yahoo who ask questions of some personal importance.

Still, would it have hurt to link to the reason for my inquiry?

2) The state senator still has not taken a position on the recall of Governor Doyle.

3) Meanwhile, her colleague to the north, State Senator Ted Kanavas, has launched a new blog. Kanavas is taking every day of April to find fault with the governor's proposed budget. It will by no means be an exhaustive list unless we find some way to extend April well into December. I would be in favor of the extension if it meant a corresponding delay in consideration (and likely passage) of Doyle's budget.

Among the faults, Doyle's unfettered appetitite for government even takes in the tailgate parties on Brewers opening day.

4) Darryl Enriquez of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel discovered my report of a career change for Waukesha Mayor Larry Nelson was premature. Enriquez reports Nelson "...was still in negotiations with Little Caesars pizza about becoming the firm's mascot." Pizza Pizza.