Thursday, April 16, 2009

In case you're still thinking about recalling Governor Doyle

Signature number one still has not been collected to recall the governor. You would have sixty days (and you would need all of them) which puts the the signature phase ending on June 16th. By the time the GAB verifies the signatures and a special election is called, you're looking at well past when the budget will be passed, the very thing you're claiming you're trying to prevent.

Of course, the organizers of the recall movement may have something else in mind entirely, like preventing former Congressman Mark Neumann from getting into a primary with Scott Walker. Unfortunately for them the law allows plenty of time for a primary, and if the goal is to protect Walker I think Neumann might actually win in a short race. As a former Congressman of some personal means, he could quickly match Walker dollar-for-dollar. Meanwhile, the governor has a sizable war chest of his own and could take on the primary winner with plenty of resources, campaign structure, name recognition, and finally no legitimate reason to recall him.