Wednesday, April 15, 2009

"an impressive display of grassroots activism"

ABC News on the Tea Parties:

The events have come together in less than two months' time, after a CNBC personality suggested that angry citizens protest the Obama administration's approach to the economic crisis by channeling the spirit of protest that sparked the Boston Tea Party.

If crowds approach their predicted levels, it will be an impressive display of grassroots activism -- on a scale rarely, if ever, demonstrated by conservatives.

Although there's been little advertising and no real top-down direction from party leaders, they've made extensive use of social networking sites to bring activists together.

"This could be the beginning of conservative online grassroots politics," said David All, a Republican Internet strategist. "It has real potential. The interesting thing will be to see how it pivots, and whether it pivots. The real question is what happens after April 15."

The explosion of interest has left some conservative strategists wondering whether the Republican Party might have stumbled across the makings of its own version of the liberal -- a powerful organization with the ability to shape national politics.