Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Evers does something without asking WEAC's permission

Candidate for State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Evers admitted today that he did something without asking the permission of WEAC first.

“I chewed chewing gum. Bubble gum, actually, although I did not blow any bubbles because I was hoping not to get caught.”

WEAC President Mary Bell was not amused by what she characterized as “disruptive behavior.”

“This is not the first time Mr. Evers has misbehaved. Just last week I caught him running though the halls at the Department of Public Instruction. Apparently 30 minutes detention did not teach him a lesson.”

Evers, known for his obediant behavior towards WEAC, has even taken to raising his hand to ask permission to go to the bathroom. However, he noted, sometimes he gets in trouble. “Last month I with my best friend Jeff and showed him a drawing I made of Rose Fernandez. We sat and giggled the whole meeting. And then Ms. Bell saw it and she made me write 100 times on the blackboard, ‘I will not draw funny pictures of my opponent.’ I don’t know why Ms. Bell got so sore. She’s using it in an ad.”