Monday, April 13, 2009

Doyle to Nice Ash: it's fair to kill your business

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's Darryl Enriquez took advantage of the Governor Doyle's visit to Waukesha last week to ask whether there could be any exception to the smoking ban for cigar bars like Nice Ash in downtown Waukesha.

As we know, one of downtown's more successful ventures is the Nice Ash cigar bar, which would be hurt by the ban.

Owners Jeff and Joetta Bartta plan to expand into an adjacent building, but the couple are puzzled about what the future holds for their establishment, a place where patrons can enjoy a good smoke.

They've taken supporters to Madison at least once to talk with legislators about exempting cigar bars from the ban.

Doyle was asked (by me) if an exemption could be built into the ban to allow the continued operations of places like the Nice Ash.

I got a definite maybe from him, but he stressed he would prefer a uniform ban "to make it fair for everyone.

"Does anyone really doubt there will be a smoking ban in every public place?" he asked.