Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Update on Lazich's position concerning the proposed recall of Governor Doyle

You may recall that State Senator Mary Lazich's aide Kevin Fischer came out in support of recalling the governor, a statement that I thought was newsworthy and worth following up with the senator herself to see if she agreed with her aide. After leaving a comment at Fischer's site and sending several e-mails to her office and Fischer's personal e-mail address, I received no reply and indicated this on the blog. I also invited my readers to contact Lazich's office to see if anyone else could get an answer.

This prompted an e-mail from another of Lazich's aides, Lance Burri, claiming no record of any attempted contact by me. I have since forwarded the e-mails directly to him and await an answer what happened to my e-mail requests. It ought to be interesting.

In the meantime, Burri has informed me that Lazich still has not taken a position on the proposed recall of Governor Doyle, and claims what her aides say on their own time is not her concern. Asked if I was satisfied with the answer, I informed Burri that I was not. Given that staff from her office have already offered their opinions on such an important state issue as the removal of the governor from office, she owes it to her constituents to clarify her position on the matter.

Burri might not like what that means about his own ability to speak freely on state matters, but that's what happens when you work for an elected official.

I'll give an update as soon as Lazich chooses a position, or when Burri's investigation of Lazich's office e-mails problems is complete.